Belsome H2O Installers

"Got Soft Water?"

Save Money

    Most companies charge anywhere from $2000.00 to $5500.00 for a water softener & reverse osmosis system. The water softener is usually a 32k grain unit (1 cubic ft. of resin) or smaller. The reverse osmosis is usually a company brand with filters you can only buy through them. Selling the customer filters is a major part of a companies income. The reason they sell for so much is the salesperson is getting 20 to 35 percent of the total sale.

      At Belsome H2O Installers we cut out the   middle man. We sell you the same high quality equipment being installed by the major (expensive) Houston companies and around the nation. You pay for the equipment and a professional installation. Belsome H2O Installers will install a 48k grain unit (1.5 cubic ft.of resin) water softener with either the Fleck 5600 Metered Valve, the Clack Solid State Valve, or the Fleck 7000 High Flow Valve (Your Choice) with a 4 stage reverse osmosis unit. Filters for the 4 stage reverse osmosis is inexpensive and available at Home Depot/ Lowe's/Sear's 

    All equipment comes with the written warranty from the manufacturer. The same warranties the major companies receive on the same equipment. All their "lifetime warranties" are their own responsibilities not the manufacturers. Softeners have a 5 year complete warranty and the tanks have a 10 year warranty.